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“This gloriously dark band from Charlotte features an intense vocalist, Crystal Crosby, whose energy seeps through stereo speakers like a home invasion. All four of the tracks exhibit a semi old school vibe, sort of reminding me of the better art punk groups of the 1980s. This is their third EP in two years as a band. Recorded with a deceptively simple mix, the production is flawless. I look forward to hearing a full-length from them in the future, as this sampling has me instantly hooked.”

- Art Ettinger, Razorcake
Let us introduce you to Occult Fracture, a dynamic mix of old-school metal, gothic punk, and even a couple pinches of grunge. Although Occult Fracture claim to be a hard rock band, there is no denying the straight up punk energy that oozes out of them. And while we have never claimed to be doctors, we assure you that our prognosis is quite accurate. Vocalist Crystal Crosby has an excellent knack for laying down some snarling lines that, at times, will make you envision some parallel universe where the Misfits were fronted by a female. And you will love every f’ing minute of it. Of course, we fully expect you to hit the play button and see for yourselves.

- UpToHear
This is one hell of an energetic band, ladies and gents! They very much have a punk rock approach to tunes as almost every song on this EP (and the previous one) are about two minutes long. It makes for a frenzied listening pace, one that leaves you wanting “one more song” with every spin. The band plays tight together and deliver razor-sharp riffs and pounding rhythms all through the short running time of Bones & Bonfires.

- Harbinger of D.O.O.M
Occult Fracture bring forth a dynamic mix of old-school metal a la Motorhead, gothic punk in the form of Misfits (and at times Killing Joke at their heaviest) and grunge. The guitar riffs (provided by Mike Rot) are unshowy but razor sharp, the drums (Steve Sadler) as pounding as 'Filthy' Phil Taylor's best work, the bass (Angel Rot) driving and forceful and this fearsome music is topped off by the rangy vocals of Crystal Crosby which can veer from breathy murmurs right up to an outright snarl.

- Simon Lambert, Ballroom Blitz's Man at the Back
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