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Photo: Adam Rodrigues

Occult Fracture BI logo white.png

Crystal Crosby - vocals

Angel Rot - bass

Mike Rot - guitar

Steve Sadler - drums

Occult Fracture is a hard rock band with a dark edge. Their music features scathing guitar, machine-like drums, propulsive bass and soulful vocals that weave through the riffs, creating a unique sound and vibe. Their live performances are energetic, powerful and will leave you wanting more. 

Based out of Charlotte, NC, the band formed in 2020 and soon began playing out in local venues. They released their debut EP, Fatal Unkind, a few days before Halloween 2021. They released their follow-up EP, Bones & Bonfires, in May 2022. The band's latest EP, The War Inside, dropped in November 2022.


“This gloriously dark band from Charlotte features an intense vocalist, Crystal Crosby, whose energy seeps through stereo speakers like a home invasion. All four of the tracks exhibit a semi old school vibe, sort of reminding me of the better art punk groups of the 1980s. This is their third EP in two years as a band. Recorded with a deceptively simple mix, the production is flawless. I look forward to hearing a full-length from them in the future, as this sampling has me instantly hooked.” - Art Ettinger, Razorcake

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